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Let's get to know more about our brand

Welcome to Koha by Nature – Where Adventure meets Innovation in the world of Natural Skincare!

Born from a spark of passion and a thirst for exploration, we're a dynamic, privately owned business based in the Netherlands. With our commitment to innovation, we craft our own unique formulas to industry leading results.

We’re actively sourcing the best ingredients from around the world, shaping unique natural skincare ranges inspired by our travels. Each ingredient is carefully selected from around the globe to reflect the richness of the landscapes and cultures we've experienced firsthand.

The story behind our brand

How it all started

Our journey began in New Zealand, where the breathtaking nature, landscapes and vibrant culture inspired our very first range of natural skincare products.

Named after the Maori word "Koha," meaning "gift," our brand, Koha by Nature, is all about the amazing benefits nature gives us.

It symbolizes the idea of ‘’Gift by Nature,’’ showing our deep connection to the natural world.


Our Vision

Redefining Skincare through Authentic Experiences and Sustainable Practices

At Koha, we believe in making quality natural skincare accessible to all with just a click of a button. We're more than just a brand; we're a commitment to high-quality natural products.

Our production process ensures the highest standards are met every time, as we carefully select suppliers who prioritise sustainability and clean ingredients.


Our Mission

Inspiring Beauty with Globally Sourced Ingredients and Personal Exploration

Each of our skincare ranges is inspired by our personal travels, reflecting our firsthand experiences of the landscapes and cultures we've encountered.

We only source ingredients from countries where we've explored the land, immersed ourselves in the culture, and learned about the benefits from locals.

This ensures that every product we create is infused with the authenticity and efficacy that comes from genuine exploration and discovery.